Herzog Variations American Oak 2019

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Herzog Variations American Oak 2019

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Cabernet Sauvignon
Kosher for Passover
750 ML
OU, Rabbi Weinberger

Herzog Variations American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 2019 presents a wine that is part of a unique and intriguing series, focusing on the impact of oak barrels on the winemaking process.

The Herzog Variations Oak series is described as a journey that goes beyond the variations of California wine country, delving into a "Battle of the Barrels." This suggests an experimental and creative approach to winemaking, where different oak barrels are utilized to explore the effects on the wine.

The use of oak barrels is likened to a "winemaker's spice rack," highlighting the role of oak in influencing the wine's color, flavor, profile, and texture.

The characteristics of American oak barrels are detailed, with a focus on their age and grain. The use of 80-100-year-old White Oak barrels is noted, which are known for their wide grains that impart bold and rich aromas, as well as sweetness, to the wine.

The specific winemaking process is outlined, beginning with North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in red volcanic soil. The wine is then aged for 9 months in 100% new American oak barrels.

The resulting wine is described as having "tantalizing notes of fresh black plum" and a "creamy rich texture." Additional flavor elements include hints of butterscotch and toasted pecan.

The intriguing question of "who will win this battle?" creates a sense of anticipation and engagement for the wine enthusiast, allowing them to become part of the decision-making process.

In summary, Herzog Variations American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 2019 is presented as a wine that offers a unique and interactive experience, where the influence of oak barrels on the final product is explored and celebrated. The description invites the consumer to delve into the world of winemaking and flavor nuances, making it a compelling choice for those who appreciate the art and science of wine. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!